Wix Editor X

Wix Editor X Wix Editor X Wix Editor X Wix Editor X Wix Editor X

Future of website creation

Editor X is the newest addition in the powerful lineup of Wix website creation tools. Offering nearly unlimited customization and website creation tools, Editor X puts the power of a web developer at your fingertips. Featuring custom breakpoints, fully interactive elements, and flexible layout grids, making a fluid, sleek website is easier than ever before.

We created a super-wide, 9K Resolution release video for the launch of Editor X in New York City. This super-wide production required a screen built from multiple walls planned and build by Wix team, resulting in an immersive and engaging experience. We’re happy to have helped Wix release another ambitious tool in website creation, and look forward to what they produce next!

Flex layouter is a smart layouting system relying on Flexbox technology for automatic reorganization of content while resizing. To showcase this feature, we designed a splitting soft bodies system inside Houdini.

Wix design system featuring sections with built-in responsive behavior matched to the color palette of your site