Oppo R17

Oppo R17 Oppo R17 Oppo R17 Oppo R17 Oppo R17

Elegant. Strong.

We helped Oppo to unveil the brand new Oppo R17, the first smartphone to come with Gorilla Glass 6. A brand of chemically strengthened glass, Gorilla Glass 6 ensures your phone can be hucked by an angry gorilla and live to tell the tale. A Snapdragon 670 chip and stunning screen complete the package of this strong, elegant phone.

Inspiration for this spot was derived primarily from the Oppo R17’s gradient surface. Each scene is influenced by the phone’s striking color and design, from dual-tone environments and sleek cityscapes, to detail shots of light motion across the phone’s surface.

Water droplets also influenced our design considerations. Perfect for refracting light, we used the droplets to interact with fabrics and glass surfaces, which in turn showcased the Oppo R17 in an elegant, powerful way.