Hydraink Hydraink Hydraink Hydraink Hydraink

Sleek. Smart. Sexy.

In collaboration with Milan-based Ditroit Studio, we created a full CGI product showcase video to unveil the world’s smartest lipstick. Hydraink’s newest creation is color-variable and fully controlled from a mobile app. Yep, our minds are blown too.


Innovation, not illusion. One product, infinite choices.

The Brand Film

We imagined Hydraink’s acolytes to be sassy clubbers, party-lovers, bold, and mercurial. This spot was directed and shot by the Ditroit team, while we assisted with the CG shots and app’s UI.

This shot shows the power of the nano-molecule technology in the lipstick. All molecule functionality is driven by the Hydraink app.

Using Houdini’s vellum solver, we developed a tool that gave us maximum control over the fabric behavior.