Huawei Cindy

Huawei Cindy Huawei Cindy Huawei Cindy Huawei Cindy Huawei Cindy

Huawei Cindy

Huawei Nova Series

Huawei’s Nova Cindy phone is the latest installment in their powerful Nova lineup. Equipped with a cutting-edge processor, 5G, stylish design, and robust cameras, Cindy is well-matched for today’s fast-paced demands. During the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we created four movies for Huawei that capture the phone’s sleek design and technical chops in the best possible way. This movie showcases a collection of chosen shots from the four movies, assembled into this director’s cut.

We created environments with light refracting material to obscure the full view of the phone and draw the viewer’s attention to its features.

We crafted a collection of environments featuring a wide range of colors and moods that Huawei can use for marketing purposes.

Glass buildings in a futuristic cityscape served as a visual metaphor for the interconnectivity and power of Cindy’s 5G capability.

The shooting day for the Cindy production was scheduled for March 16th, before the Corona even started. With efforts to keep the project alive as the Corona situation gets serious, we moved the shooting from China to Thailand at the last moment. @bertopay took a flight from Argentina to Bangkok a week before the borders were closed, and while supervising the Set he also captured those nice moments.