Artist Agreement

Artist Agreement Artist Agreement Artist Agreement Artist Agreement Artist Agreement

Sometimes it is important to have a few simple things written down so that we both know what is what, who should do what, and what happens if something goes wrong. We do want what’s best for the safety of both parties, now and in the future. In this document below you’ll find some important notes about ‘Yambo Studio’ pipeline, things that are crucial to make our work done on time. Our studio is based on the idea of collaboration with Artists across the globe, and because of that – keeping things (very) organized is the only way to pull each project on time, and never miss a deadline.

Our work communication will be done using Slack. a Slack Channel will be opened within each new project. All the communication will be done there. Sometimes an email will be handy to transfer extra information. But other than that we will keep all our work conversation talks on Slack. We are deeply recommending downloading ShareX, it really helps to share screenshots with the team and make the communication flow smoothly.

We would appreciate frequent updates with your work progress,  Share ideas/sketches/half-baked concepts are necessary to brainstorm good and productive work. We believe that a daily update at the end of the day is not always enough, And the more the Slack channel is active – the more success for the job.

Our work is purely based on Dropbox. It is very important that you’ll have an active Dropbox Plus account, with the desktop app installed on your working machine. Why are we working with Dropbox? After trying many different services we found out that this is the best way to keep all the files synced between all the team members, and most efficient tool for a productive work.

If you don’t have a Dropbox Plus account, please purchase one, and invoice us the monthly cost of the first month on your next invoice.

Dropbox workflow – The moment we will start working, you will receive a Dropbox folder invitation. This folder contains already all the working folders you need, and the folders structure is pretty straightforward. Please send Yam your Dropbox related email after reading this document, so he will invite you to the working Dropbox folder.

* Please work directly on Dropbox. And not locally with file syncing in the end of the day. Its crucial for a collaborated workflow. Also, save all the renders on Dropbox, sometimes stuff that seems to be not useful, can be really useful. Folders structure:

  1. C4D Files should be under the c4d/ Folder. Please make sure to keep all the texture on Dropbox and mapped relatively all the time.
  2. Still Renders should be under output/stills.
  3. Previz/Playblast animations should be under output/previz.
  4. After Effect files under /aep, Premier files under /edit, Photoshop/Illustrator files under design/
  5. 3D Models/3D Assets/other 3D applications project files and anything else 3D related should be under 3D/ with the corresponding folder.
  6. Screen-recording for making-of purposes are always welcome. you can put the screen-capture videos under WIP/

If it’s possible, During project time, make sure to keep your Dropbox Desktop Application running all the time (including nights) so all the Dropbox files will be synced and ready for a new working day morning time.