2019 Unpublished

2019 Unpublished 2019 Unpublished 2019 Unpublished 2019 Unpublished 2019 Unpublished

2019 brought plenty of client work that didn’t make it to our full project page. From album covers for Lola March and Apple Music, to website graphics for Ricoh Smart Space, an unpublished commercial for Hisense, short animations for Google, landing page graphics for Fiverr, an in-store video for VIVO Nex and many others besides these, we are delighted to have worked with such a diverse client base. Some of these unpublished projects are featured below. Enjoy 🙂

We are extremely honored to be invited to speak at OFFF Barcelona 2020!

Our relationship with Lola Marsh started with her first album “Remember Roses.” Designed by Tal Baltuch, we helped Tal build a 3D boat and render the album cover art on a realistic 3D ocean. A month ago, Vania Heymann did the cover art for the new album “Someday Tomorrow Maybe.” We helped Vania 3D render an airplane that is featured on the album cover.

The following shots show some environmental design and development we did as part of an unpublished short for Hisense and DeviantArt.

Ricoh Smart Spaces workplace technology wanted to express the user’s journey of connecting a workplace using their products. We helped create graphics for individual modules of their environment, such as a visitor sign in, room booking, utilization reports, IoT sensors, and more. All of this was shown in a single office building, which enabled us to showcase the full picture and also highlight specific areas.