Nexar One

Drive Connected A full CGI movie we produced recently for Nexar — showcasing ‘Nexar One’ the world’s most powerful 4K dashcam

Fiverr Gig


Fiverr Gig Cards 8 short films we produced for Fiverr during 2021

Lego Dots

A mix of kids mixing dots in a mixed media spot We created this spot for Lego in collaboration with the great people of 1stAveMachine Buenos Aires


Change The Game We created a 0:15 CGI product spot to unveil MSI’s new SUPRIM series. A graphics card series from MSI embraces prestige in its appearance and capabilities.

DJI Hela

Introducing DJI RSC 2 Weighing just 1.2kg and featuring a 1” OLED Screen as well as Titan Stabilization and an ergonomic design. We collabed with the DJI team for the production of the brand new DJI RSC 2 official release video.

Huawei Cindy

Huawei Nova Series Huawei’s Nova Cindy phone is the latest installment in their powerful Nova lineup. Equipped with a cutting-edge processor, 5G, stylish design, and robust cameras, Cindy is well-matched for today’s fast-paced demands. During the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we created four movies for Huawei that capture the phone’s sleek design and technical […]

Wix Editor X

Future of website creation Editor X is the newest addition in the powerful lineup of Wix website creation tools. Offering nearly unlimited customization and website creation tools, Editor X puts the power of a web developer at your fingertips. Featuring custom breakpoints, fully interactive elements, and flexible layout grids, making a fluid, sleek website is […]

MSI Create


Visual innovation, optimized. MSI’s powerful lineup of computers and displays effortlessly integrates top-line performance with reliable stability. 4 short films were created to highlight the main user groups of MSI’s workstations. Each spot was designed with regard to the specific user group’s needs and ideal workspace. The result is a robust collection of 4 films […]

Oppo A11

Oppo A11 By taking to heart the consumer attitude of “born to stand out” and weaving the new product features into the fabric of the visuals, we sought to drive home the full energy and essence of the new Oppo A11. Dynamic, fast, and powerful, this device was meant to be showcased in a supercharged, […]

Xiaomi D5X

Xiaomi D5X This is a commercial we did for the Xiaomi flagship mobile for 2018 high contrast black and white with a minimal accent of gold. An interplay between the white and black phones reference the two colorways.