Nexar One

Drive Connected A full CGI movie we produced recently for Nexar — showcasing ‘Nexar One’ the world’s most powerful 4K dashcam

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa – We’re Good The official music video for Dua Lipa – We’re Good, Directed by Gal Muggia & Vania Heymann, CGI by us.

DJI Hela

Introducing DJI RSC 2 Weighing just 1.2kg and featuring a 1” OLED Screen as well as Titan Stabilization and an ergonomic design. We collabed with the DJI team for the production of the brand new DJI RSC 2 official release video.

Huawei Cindy

Huawei Nova Series Huawei’s Nova Cindy phone is the latest installment in their powerful Nova lineup. Equipped with a cutting-edge processor, 5G, stylish design, and robust cameras, Cindy is well-matched for today’s fast-paced demands. During the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we created four movies for Huawei that capture the phone’s sleek design and technical […]

Oppo A11

Oppo A11 By taking to heart the consumer attitude of “born to stand out” and weaving the new product features into the fabric of the visuals, we sought to drive home the full energy and essence of the new Oppo A11. Dynamic, fast, and powerful, this device was meant to be showcased in a supercharged, […]

Tollmans Dot

Tollman’s Dot A short 0:15 TV commercial for Tollman’s Dot Celebrating the launch of the brand in Israel

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WIX Turbo

Wix teamed up with Marvel Studios to announce Wix Turbo, a revamped and re-engineered service to kiss the days of sluggish websites goodbye.  We supported this collaboration with dozens of CG shots for the trailer and assets for their new website.

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Oppo R17

Elegant. Strong. We helped Oppo to unveil the brand new Oppo R17, the first smartphone to come with Gorilla Glass 6. A brand of chemically strengthened glass, Gorilla Glass 6 ensures your phone can be hucked by an angry gorilla and live to tell the tale. A Snapdragon 670 chip and stunning screen complete the […]

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Xiaomi Redmi

Note 5

Palms and Neons This is our second spot for the Redmi Series and also our favorite spot of 2018! Redmi phones have become notorious for extensive features, outstanding quality, and exceeding user’s expectations. This spot is all about neon lights, palm trees and leaves, and the new Redmi Note 5’s superpowers.

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Xiaomi Mix Mi 2

In a collaboration with Somei Sun, our crew of otherworldly dreamers created a spot for Xiaomi’s Mix Mi 2. Sleek, intelligent, and powerful, this phone is as mysterious and obscure as the alien force that gave birth to it. We designed this spot to feature the supernatural facets of the phone and its extraterrestrial origin.