Born From Global Collaboration

Our story

Yambo Studio is a CGI-driven design studio that holds attention to detail above all. We specialise in the creation of vivid graphic solutions with an immersive and engaging level of detail. This attention to detail allows us to create strikingly beautiful graphic solutions without compromising the principles of good, simple design.

Our work is distinguished by an eye for the interplay of movement, color, texture, and composition. We embrace a workflow which fosters our creativity and allows us to produce visual solutions with freedom and authenticity.

Our global team of industry experts is led by Yambo, the studio’s founder and creative director. For each project, we use our network of artist collaborations to build a team that is best suited to handle its requirements. In this way, we can provide limitless creative solutions and ensure that our clients get top tier results for every need.

Our work

Our work includes motion graphics and still design projects for a range of industries, including entertainment, broadcast, technology, music, and fashion. We create 3D branding materials, imaginary spaces, and a variety of 3D experiences.

Our team

The artists featured on this page are some of the core members in our creative family. Each has been instrumental to the completion of our recent work.

Rony Nava

Rony is our head of production. She is responsible for a wide range of production-related tasks. From clients relationship, booking of the team, payments, and more. Rony is sitting at our office at Tel Aviv. And you can reach her easily by dropping a line to [email protected] 🙂

Yair Mor

Yair is a Nuke compositor and VFX artist with plenty of experience in the industry. He usually takes our 3D renders and adds his own magic on top. Yair is also doing color work and is the last stop in our pipeline, giving one final touch to our pieces.


Ruan Els

Ruan Els, A South African Digital sculptor, Ruan is responsible for most of the complex sculpting tasks in our projects. From the Xiaomi Slefi sculpture to the VIVO hands. Ruan is our guy when its about photoreal modeling or just getting the details perfect.


Ezequiel Grand

Caskal is the creative alias for Argentinian designer Ezequiel Grand. He is our technical specialist.
Dealing with simulations, sculpting, and any other Houdini related tasks.


Leandro Beltran

Leandro is a freelance motion designer from São Paulo, Brazil. He has spent the last 10 years working on commercial projects in renowned motion graphics studios. Lately, he’s been pursuing his passion for 3D and graphic design, resulting in a mix of minimal yet meaningful visuals.


Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart is a multidisciplinary designer from Seattle, Washington. Holding an impressive 20 years of experience in the industry, his skillset includes 3D, VFX, matchmoving, and compositing. Outside of these, he creatively engages himself in music and photography, among other things.


Chris Schofield

Chris Schofield is a freelance illustrator and motion designer from Leeds, United Kingdom. With a breadth and depth of industry experience, he wields a versatile and robust multidisciplinary toolset that has made him a valued contributor on many projects.


Jonathan Lindgren

Jonathan is a freelance 3D designer and animator based in London, United Kingdom. He has served as a graphics and motion designer on TV, film-productions, commercials, channel identities, branding, and live-broadcasting. Jon is currently situated in a studio packed with other creative freelancers in Hackney, London.


Nemanja Ivanovich

Nemanja Ivanovic is a creative enterprise that creates cutting edge contemporary design and motion graphics. With every project he enjoy being submerged in the design process, pushing beyond boundaries to deliver the best product he can.


Linus Zoll

Linus is a freelance 3D artist from Dusseldorf, Germany. Despite his young age, he has freelanced internationally for several years, creating graphic solutions for distinguished companies such as Google, Versace, Native Instruments, and Adobe Stock.


Mariusz Becker

Mariusz is a freelance designer from Cologne, Germany. His artistic journey began with photography and he has since come to love surrealism, abstract art, environments, and still life. His 3D toolbox includes expertise in Cinema4D, Maxwell, Octane, Corona, and Redshift, among other toolsets.


Rich Nosworthy

Rich is a freelance CG generalist and 3D motion designer living in Auckland, New Zealand. Starting with 8 years in the VFX film industry, he’s worked on several blockbuster films including Batman Begins, Harry Potter, and Kick Ass. He’s inspired by the world of concept art, product design, and architecture, and provides expertise in Cinema 4d, Houdini, Zbrush, Redshift, and Octane renderers.


The Soundery

The Soundery is a London-based sound design studio run by Luke Brown and Liam Liffe. They share a passion for creating music and sound for brands and games, and strive to craft purposeful and effective solutions with creative flair for any task at hand.


Dogukan Karapinar

Dogukan is a designer and art director from Istanbul, Turkey. He is inspired by well-crafted objects, toys, cartoons, video games, music, sci-fi, and history, and believes in the power of silly ideas in his creative process.


Jeff Briant

Jeff is a multidisciplinary motion designer from Toronto, Canada. He spends his days locked in his home office scribbling, clicking, and listening to music that seems to push out the work smoother. Jeff is our Cinema 4D expert. Whether it’s modeling, animation, lighting, or shading, Jeff will make it work whilst maintaining the highest graphics solutions standards.



A digital artist, lecturer, and founder of Yambo Studio, Yam oversees each project that the studio undertakes from his office in Tel Aviv, Israel. Yam has worked for over a decade in the 3D industry and specializes in texturing, lighting, sculpting, CGI cinematography, and animation. For each new project, Yam has the pleasure of collaborating with top 3D artists from around the world, ensuring top tier results for every client’s needs.


Our clients

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a multitude of distinguished brands in a wide range of industries. These are some of our professional acquaintances:

  • Xiaomi
  • Nike
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Wix
  • Asus
  • Android

Our studio

As the landscape of collaborative work is changing, our studio has adhered to these changes and embraced a structure of partnerships between world-leading artists. We run a unique workflow that is rooted in the seamless integration of dozens of top tier artists from around the globe. This versatile, international team of leading creatives is carefully chosen and managed by our small team in Tel Aviv.