Yambo is a multidisciplinary artist, and the founder and creative director of Yambo Studio. Underpinned by a background in 3D design, Yambo’s artistic practice explores the relationship between digital ecosystems and the material world.

It is this love of world-building that led to the founding of Yambo Studio in 2015, and the studio has since created productions for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Apple, Microsoft and Nike, quickly establishing a reputation for an ability to create immersive CGI worlds that stir the imagination and evoke the essence of a brand in a uniquely visceral way.

Yam’s personal work has been featured in a variety of exhibitions, including the Beijing Art Biennale, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and he is currently working on a new series of hybrid sculptural pieces; continuing his ongoing exploration of the liminal space between the digital and physical worlds.


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