Yam Ben Adiva is a multidisciplinary artist, the founder and creative director of Yambo Studio, and a co-founder of NFT and digital collectible ecosystem, Dissrup. Collaboration is at the heart of Yam’s design philosophy. Working with a globally distributed network of artists, Yam utilizes expertise from a variety of fields to create tailor-made digital worlds for clients ranging from Apple to Nike, infusing the DNA of pioneering brands with his own trademark blend of dreamlike imagery and hyper-vibrant colour to create surreal environments that remain consistent, yet independent of the limitations of a single visual language.

This collaborative approach is also essential to Dissrup — Yam’s proto-metaversal platform. At the intersection of the real and the imaginary, Dissrup works with industry-leading artists to create limited edition NFT artwork and digital collectibles designed to push the boundaries of the metaverse through the exploration of digital fashion and interactive world-building.

Through his collaborative platforms, Yam creates with the future in mind, building beautiful and immersive worlds that continue to evolve with each interaction.


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