Dissrup is Live

Yambo Studio is proud to announce the launch of our cutting-edge NFT ecosystem, Dissrup.

Yambo Studio is proud to announce the launch of our cutting-edge NFT ecosystem, Dissrup.

For the past year we have been developing an artist-led platform, designed to bring together digital artists and NFT collectors to form a creative ecosystem that puts the focus on innovation, and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Dissrup combines art, collectibles and NFTs to merge realities across digital fashion and gaming.

A Dual-Purpose Platform

Dissrup is built on two essential components:

1. Dissrup Drops

A curated selection of artistic collaborations designed to push the boundaries of the NFT industry, and facilitate beautiful, one-of-a-kind digital and phygital design. Dissrup’s collaborative output is comprised of bi-weekly, NFT Artwork, digital and phygital collectible drops created in collaboration with industry-leading artists and creators.

Our collectibles range from digital clothing to phygital furniture, covering the entire spectrum of digital and physical artistic creation.

Dissrup’s drops will be released on a bi-weekly basis, and will include contributions from artists such as Paul Milinski, Finn Rush-Taylor, LironA, Charlotte Taylor and many more.

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2. The Dissrup Gallery: A New NFT Marketplace

Alongside our collaborative output, Dissrup has invited esteemed digital artists and prominent NFT collectors to create custom gallery profiles on our new NFT marketplace. The Dissrup gallery showcases pioneering artists in the digital space, offering: a sleek and versatile environment for showcasing ongoing projects; a specific gallery to exhibit behind the scenes imagery and minting and listing functions for registering and selling artwork on the blockchain.

The Dissrup Gallery helps to facilitate artist and collector networking by offering dedicated spaces for both parties to offer a glimpse into their unique approach to creating and collecting NFT artwork.

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The Same Global Workflow, A New Creative Output

We have adapted our global workflow, bringing together a network of artists, designers, manufactures and creatives to build a truly global ecosystem that offers a wealth of different cultural perspectives on a single platform.

Dissrup offers an incredible range of artistic projects and collectibles to discerning collectors, working with the highest calibre creatives from around the world.

Supporting Artists and Creators

Buying on Dissrup directly supports the artists and designers in our ecosystem, ensuring they have the room to innovate, and can continue to shape creative culture.

The majority of revenue made from our product drops goes directly to the artist, with the remaining shares distributed amongst our core team, the minds behind each individual drop interface.

We connect our artists to eminent collectors, all of whom are looking to support and nurture the NFT community.

Primed for the Metaverse

Dissrup is a decentralised platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, our digital collectibles are ready for immediate integration with metaverse-compatible platforms and games.

Our entire output is optimised for use in a range of video games and social platforms, giving collectors true ownership of digital collectibles and NFTs, to be used in any possible capacity.

We have established working relationships with other decentralised platforms to ensure that integrating our collectibles into your everyday digital experience is a seamless process.

A Focus on Phygital

We bring together digital artists and physical craftspeople to create incredible one-of-a-kind phygital products that bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds.

We are currently working with a range of manufacturers to bring high-concept physical products together with digital creations.

Collaborators include analogue craftsman Love Hultén, furniture manufacturer Bucktron Studio, and 3D-printed footwear manufacturer Zellerfeld Shoe Company.

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Next Generation Platform Features

Dissrup offers artists and collectors a diverse range of powerful features, which will be expanded alongside the development of each phase of the platform. Current and upcoming features include:

  • Behind the Scenes galleries — a space to showcase your creative process.
  • Digital collectibles — a place to sell digital collectibles (Q1 2022).
  • Artist fundraising/donation functions — You can contribute directly to your favourite artist’s development process (Q1 2022).
  • A Social Hub — a communal space to network and socialise with other Dissrup community members (coming soon).
  • Virtual NFT Galleries — coming soon for artists and collectors.
  • Dynamic NFTs — coming soon for artists and collectors.

Dissrup is designed to accelerate adoption of the metaverse, helping creators and collectors to embrace the potential of this emerging space.

Our platform enables new users to invest in the highest quality, usable digital collectibles, so that they can begin to curate their own digital personas and spaces, in preparation for the increasing role that digital will play in our everyday lives.

Discover our creative ecosystem here, and get involved with our community, by joining our Discord server here.