2019 Website

Rebranding Details

Welcome to our new, redesigned website

Over the course of the last few months, the entire site has been meticulously redesigned and reimagined – from layout and user experience, to typography and a new logo. We feel that this new site and the design choices made better reflect the high-voltage, tantalizing nature of the work we do and the space we operate in. You can watch the full branding project over here.

The following team members were instrumental to the design and creation of our new site:

In a conversation with Dogukan about the ideation process and early design stages, he revealed that much of the new site’s design was facilitated by a fresh take on the typography. “We started working based on the old website but as we got further we noticed we needed a certain typographic tone. Since Yambo is very innovative and contemporary in terms of motion graphics we tried a new thing in web typography – variable fonts.”

These variable fonts set the foundation for the rest of the site’s redesign and gave us greater flexibility with their use. Dogukan commented, “My main goal was to use only images made by Yambo and solve other problems with just typography. Our variable font helps to maintain the same visual style while using it in very different situations.”

Also notable is the website’s new logo. Dogukan noticed that Yambo’s previous logo, a lower-case brushed script, was not matching the cutting-edge, professional nature of Yambo’s work. To capture a more contemporary feeling, Dogukan introduced a new sans serif type, similar to the type used for the variable fonts. After several rounds of ideation, execution, and a suggestion from Yambo to create a circular logo for social media, our new logo was born.

It is also worth noting that this detailed collaboration took place on a global scale. While Yambo is based in Tel Aviv, Dogukan lives in Turkey, Pedro in Portugal, Mariusz in Germany, and David in Maryland. As is characteristic of any of Yambo’s projects, this success was made possible by careful management and regard for individual timezones, schedules, and skillsets. It also helps that we all like each other 😉




Hope you enjoy the new site!

David Martin,
Yambo Studio