We Are A CGI Oriented Design Studio

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We think of CGI as a new medium for creative self-expression.
In that way, each of our visuals are guided by a sense of expressive detail that enables us to deliver creations with both innovative graphics and appealing sophistication.

Our philosophy is to unify design, production and CGI direction under one roof to produce the most responsive and efective work. Our high quality results are based on our ability to take on complicated CGI projects, build teams that suit project needs and craft forward-looking visual communications.

Each project is led by Yambo who builds a dynamic team of talented artists from across the globe that are adapted to the needs of each project.

A project may include a look development artist from Lithuania, 3D artists from Canada and compositors from the U.S. Everything is then done under the personal supervision of Yambo from his home studio in Tel Aviv.


  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Look&feel Development
  • Storyboards
  • Treatments

Web &

  • Design Solutions for Web
  • 3D Illustration
  • CGI Loops
  • Cinemagraphs

Design &

  • 3D Animation
  • CGI Stop Motion
  • Technical Managment
  • Print
  • TV Branding
  • 2D Animation

Our philosophy is to unify design and cgi under one roof to produce the most responsive and efective work. The artists below are our good friends and usually the foundation stones on each of our projects.

A Digital Artist, Lecturer, and the founder of Yambo Studio.

All of our projects are done under the personal supervision of Yam, from his Tel-Aviv based studio.

Founder / Creative Director

A multidisciplinary motion designer from Toronto, Canada. He spends his days locked in his home office scribbling, clicking and listening to music that seems to push out the work smoother.

Jeff is our Cinema 4D expert. If it’s modeling, animation, lighting or shading, Jeff will make it work whilst maintaining the highest standards.

Jeff Briant
Motion Designer / 3D Artist

With almost 20 years of experience in the industry as a TD or Generalist artist. Yaniv focuses on creating various tools, solving both technical and artistic problems, managing & designing pipelines, lighting and advanced shading. Experienced with art direction and supervision of teams in order to complete harsh deadlines on time.

Yaniv Gorali
TD / Houdini Expert

Sound designer & composer based in London, England. He has a tonne of enthusiasm for making great audio. Luke is the man behind ‘The Soundery’, and a member of the great Superb Lyres.

Luke Brown
Composer / Sound Designer

Ezequiel is our Research and Development expert. He works with a range of tools including Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Octane and Houdini. Using mathematics and design, he creates innovative visuals.

Ezequiel Grand
3D Designer & Houdini Artist

A multidisciplinary designer from Cologne, Germany. Using Cinema4D, Maxwell, Octane, Corona & Substance tools, Mariusz produces photo-real results, with a love for surrealism, abstract art, environments and still life.

Mariusz Becker
Multidisciplinary Designer / CG Generalist

A self-taught artist from Leipzig, Germany, Autodesk Student Ambassador & Expert Elite and he’s our modeling & hard surface expert.

Linus Zoll
Modeling Expert

Jonathan is a freelancing motion designer operating out of London, UK. Graphics Designer/Motion Designer on TV, film-productions, commercials, channel identities, branding and live-broadcasting. Both in London and Stockholm. Jon is currently situated in a studio packed with other creative freelancers in Hackney, London. And was a crucial part of our team for many of our projects during 2017

Jonathan Lindgren
Motion Designer

Leeds based illustrator / animator / motion designer seeks characters to create and scripts to animate. 8+ years industry experience. Good sense of timing. Likes UV maps, bezier curves and subdivision surfaces. C4D / AE / OCTANE.

Chris Schofield
3d Illustrator / Animator

We are always looking for talented artists to work with. If you are interested working with us, drop a line via ✉ jobs@yambo.me

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We have had many successful projects with clients from around the world in a wide range of industries, from entertainment and broadcast to technology, music and fashion. Below are some of our satisfied clients from past years.